Over 65 - you need a medicare supplement plan

Over 65? You Need a Medicare Supplement Plan

Getting health coverage is one of the most important parts of aging. Often times, especially when we are in good health, we may neglect the importance of getting this coverage. However, with potential unforeseen medical expenses looming, this is a crucial time to make sure you are completely covered. Unfortunately, Medicare does not cover all of your Medical expenses at 100%.

How to Know if You Need a Medicare Supplement Plan

How to Know if You Need a Medicare Supplement Plan

If you’re nearing age 65, you’re probably considering your Medicare enrollment options. The standard coverage beneficiaries receive is Medicare Parts A and B, known as Original Medicare. Part A includes coverage for hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and hospice care while Part B includes doctor visits, outpatient therapy, ambulances, and medical equipment.

Do I Need Medicare Supplement

I’m Retiring – Do I Need a Medicare Supplement Insurance Plan?

Are you retired, or thinking about retirement, and wondering if you need a Medicare Supplement insurance plan? The answer involves a look at your personal circumstances and a little educated guesswork into the future. It might seem scary, trying to figure out what kind of Medicare and related insurance you need when you retire – but you can generally make …