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2023 Medicare Tutorial Video - Understanding Your Medicare Rights & Options

2022 Medicare Tutorial Video - Understanding Your Medicare Rights & Options

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Consider this...The clients we help are usually on a fixed income when they retire.

When turning 65, seniors are often confronted by a slew of insurance agents calling, knocking, filling up their mailbox, etc.  This is because the agents know that you can sign up for ANY Medicare plan in the market and it it Guaranteed Issue = you cannot be rejected for coverage, initially.

So what is better?  A MediGap (supplement) plan? Or is a Medicare "Advantage" plan the best way to go?

Our clients do not like SURPRISES with their health plan.

 As you can see, with a Medicare Supplement policy, you have consistent monthly premiums each month.  

This works well for someone on a fixed income.

With a Medicare Advantage Plan, you could have a BIG surprise when you need hospital services.

Avoid the spikes in cost (red line) that is possible with a Medicare Advantage  plan, such as an $1,800 bill for one hospital stay.

Also consider these critical differences in the two types of plans:

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