It’s Time to Have Fun: Top 5 Tips to Enjoy Retirement

It’s Time to Have Fun: Top 5 Tips to Enjoy Retirement

After working all those years, the day has finally come for you to retire. You fill out your paperwork, your co-workers throw you a part, and finally you say your goodbyes. Now what? You have suddenly gone from not having enough time to get things done, to now having all the time in the world. While some may view retirement as a horrible thing they never want to experience, you really shouldn’t. Retirement can be an enjoyable experience, and there are many ways to occupy your days and have fun. Here are our top five ways to enjoy your retirement:

1. Travel

It’s the highest priority on everyone’s list. You’ve spent all your life working, and now it has finally paid off. You have all the time in the world to explore. You can go and see how very different the southern portion of the United States compares to the west coast. Try new foods, see new places, and make new friends.

One of the many benefits of staying at Sunshine Retirement Living is that they make it easy to travel! They have a travel program that lets you stay at any of their communities around the U.S. for up to a week for FREE. Your only have to worry would be how you would get there.

2. Meet New People

As the old saying goes, “You can never have too many friends.” It still stands true today – especially if you’ve moved away after retiring. It’s always refreshing making new friends because you’ll discover a new way of thinking and have new subjects to discuss when you meet someone for the first time.

Another advantage of making a new friend is the excuse to travel. If you make friends with someone in a different state, it gives you an excuse to go and visit them. But, what it all comes down to is it’s good to make friends with someone who knows just what you are going through, as well as making friends with someone willing to try new things with you – which brings us to our next tip.

3. Try New Things

Trying new things is not only an essential element of enjoying retirement but life in general. Try doing something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time because you were busy with work, raising a family, or both. Maybe you wanted to be in a country-folk band, but never had to time to pick up a guitar. What better time to learn than now?

Also, you can surprise yourself with trying something you never thought you would do before, like Tai Chi or Yoga (both of which are offered at many facilities at Sunshine Retirement Living).

4. Expand Your Skillset

This kind of goes hand-in-hand with trying new things, but it also includes skills/things you’ve already acquired. Now that you are retired, you can finally take the time to read every book on your book bucket list, or finally nail that piano solo that you have been unable to perfect. It’s important to do the things that you have enjoyed doing all these years as well as picking up a few new skills.

What could also be a good use of your time is taking on a part-time job that you would enjoy. If you spent your days documenting your life through photographs, then don’t stop there. Take on a part-time job as an event photographer!

Ever wanted to be an artist but never had the time to focus on your art? Well, you could create a portfolio and contact local galleries to see if they are interested in exhibiting your work. When they do, you can officially gain the title of “artist” and maybe even make a few dollars.

If you enjoy volunteering, then you can always help volunteer for food drives, clothing drives, and collecting school supplies for children who don’t have any. Whatever you choose, do it because you love it. The upside of being retired is that if you ever dislike what you are doing, you can just stop doing it.

5. Enjoy Life

Last but not least, don’t forget to take the time to enjoy yourself. While it’s important to fill your days with activities to keep from getting bored, sometimes all you need is a day to do absolutely nothing – and that is perfectly alright. A big part of retirement is that you can do whatever you want, so if you wished to spend all day painting and watching the clouds go by you can.

By David Lasman – “Ask Medicare Dave” | President – Senior Healthcare Team | 866-333-7340

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