Howling Halloween Parties for Seniors

Howling Halloween Parties for Seniors

It’s fall, y’all! That means Halloween is just around the corner. You know the typical routine: you carve Jack-O-Lanterns, scare kids with your haunted house, and skip through pumpkin patches. When you think Halloween’s almost over, the best part arrives– the party. Whether you are 8 or 80, you will enjoy these Halloween party ideas:

Game Time

Obsessed with board games and puzzles? Center your party around a fun game. Games are an excellent way to keep your friends on their toes on this spooky holiday.

Escape Room

Escape room venues are trending across the country, appealing to both youngsters and seniors. In this challenge, small teams are “trapped” inside a room. Teams must solve a complex series of clues and puzzles to “escape” before time runs out.

You don’t need to go to a professional venue to play; you can make your own escape room at home. Transform a room into any scenario you like (submarine, dungeon, etc). Find escape room puzzles online or design your own. If you don’t have time to create your clues and props from scratch, use regular household items. Don’t reveal your design to your friends; otherwise, it’ll be too easy.

Mystery Night

Everybody loves a good mystery. And the best mystery to solve? A murder.

In this game, a party guest is mysteriously “murdered.” Your guests will solve a series of clues to determine who the “killer” is.

To create your own murder mystery, ask two friends to play the following roles: “victim” and “killer.” Hide your “killer” among the guests as they arrive. Begin the game by announcing the sudden death of the “victim” (If you want to go all out, let your “victim” act out their dramatic murder).

Present your guests with the clues left at the scene. Then, give each guest an information card describing their character’s background and motive for the murder. Remember to be subtle when writing clues on the information cards. You don’t want to make it too obvious for your friends who the killer is. Your guests will find out who the “killer” in the room is. You’ll love watching your guests bicker and fling accusations at each other.

You can find printable murder mystery stories online or write your own storyline. Let those creative juices flow!

Creative Studio

Halloween Parties for Seniors

Halloween is a great time to unleash your inner artist. Arts and crafts are a great way to whine down during the holiday. Gather your friends for some quality creative time.

Weird Museum

Your family and friends can create whatever they like: monsters, spooky graffiti, or haunted towers. At the end of the day, display everybody’s artwork in a room modeled to look like a museum. Your group can vote on which person was the most creative, funniest, creepiest, and so on. It doesn’t matter what rules you set; imagination reigns for this party. If you want to upgrade arts and crafts time, host an art challenge using unconventional materials (green slime, toilet paper, candy corn, etc). Tell each guest to make the greatest piece of artwork they can with these strange materials. Limit each person to some materials or give them complete freedom.

Haunted Kitchen

Sometimes, the day-before prep is more fun than the party itself. If you often feel this way, why not have a cooking party?

Cooking is a fantastic way to learn new recipes and bond with your friends. Fall and Halloween will inspire new, spooky cravings for your taste palette. Look up new recipes and write down all the ingredients needed. Ask your friends to contribute some of the ingredients and supplies required to cook. Try making ghost cookies, vampire pastas, and pumpkin punch. Even a simple sweet potato soup would be yummy. You and your friends will get to enjoy the delicious treats after it’s all done.

Costume Gala

You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ costume party. As a senior, you’ve probably dressed up as every scary monster and ghost possible. If you’ve been through enough spooky costumes, try these new Halloween costumes at your party.

Golden Hollywood

Treat yourself and your friends to a glam night.

There are only a few occasions where you can wear a glamorous gown, so why not on Halloween? Roll out the red carpet and invite your guests to come dressed as their favorite celebrity. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Marilyn Monroe and Richard Simmons dance together?

For a fun way to take pictures, ask some friends to volunteer to dress as “paparazzi.” At the end of the night, hand over Oscar awards for best costumes, celebrity imitation, and more. This Halloween party will be worthy of a thousand Oscars.

Generation Switch

Do you and your grandkid tease each other about wardrobe choices? Maybe he makes fun of your polo shirts while you tease him for his saggy jeans. If you want a family-friendly costume party, try a generation switch.

For this party, dress up as your grandkid and vice versa. Everybody will get a laugh at how they interpret each other’s clothes. Encourage your guests to listen to their grandkids’ music and imitate their mannerisms. The kids will be both horrified and impressed with how well you know them. It’ll be a memorable Halloween party for the whole family.

Have Fun

The spirit of Halloween is all about having fun. Halloween is one of the few days where you can transform into anything for one night (bonus points if you spent it scaring each other). Whatever your plans are, good company will make it better. Use these Halloween party ideas so you and your guests can cut loose, have a laugh, and enjoy plenty of scares.

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